Restaurant Apps

Restaurant App / Web App (Mobile App)

Main Advantages:

  • Customised designed as per your website colour and logo.
  • You can manage (add, edit, delete) your application content via our website.
  • No need to pay again and again for changes that you will want to make.
  • It stays in your customers mobile 24/7.
  • It will run on iPhone and Android devices.


  • Your restaurant’s name, address and contact details.
  • Your restaurant’s special offers – you may add upto 3 special offers.
  • Your restaurant’s menu categories.
  • Your restaurant’s menu items under respective categories.
  • Your restaurant’s menu items description.
  • Your restaurant’s menu items prices.
  • Your contact details – with Thank you.
  • The best part is that you can edit all of the above information by your self.

Available Platform

Both Platforms
Custom Branded
Contact Page
Self Manage App with CMS
Available in App Store and Market
No need to pay for changes
Optional Extras
RSS Feed Contact us
Facebook Feed Contact us
Twitter Feed Contact us
Custom Requests Contact us
Push Notification Contact us
Mine User Details Contact us
Payment Gateways Contact us
Calculators Contact us
Geo Locators Contact us

*Prices include first 3 months maintenance fee

Download the Demo Kaizen Digital Mobile App for Android here

To view the restaurant demo simply select “more” in the bottom navigation once the app opens