Welcome to Kaizen Digital, a Sydney based agency providing high quality web projects, independent research, creative and technical writing services, and content strategy services. With 10 years experience in project management, our team has a track record of working on highly sophisticated  projects. Kaizen is a Japanese management methodology that focuses on lean operations and continuous improvement. This approach is at the heart of everything we do

Web Projects

We have been assisting our clients to dominate the web since 2011. Specialties include: (i) end-to-end project management from consultation and requirement writing, to staff hiring and project implementation; and (ii) online strategy, particularly in relation to website builds, mobile applications, social media channels, hosting, and automated systems.

Independent Research

Subject areas include business, education, travel, marketing, and health. We are proud to offer sophisticated: (i) systematic literature reviews; (ii) data collection; (iii) analysis, both quantitative and qualitative; (iv) report writing; and (v) research presentations.

Content Writing & Strategy

We have a proven track record of synthesizing complex information while conveying findings in a clear and effective manner. Successfully completed technical writing projects include: (i) training manuals; (ii) education materials and curricula; (iii) investment proposals; (iv) report writing; (v) regulatory compliance documentation; (vi) business process reviews; and (vii) competitive intelligence.

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