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A Custom-Built Search Engine (Without the Advertising and User Tracking) for Niche Media

As the cannabis industry has exploded in North America, hundreds of cannabis media have cropped up all over the internet. The custom-built search engine for niche media organizes headlines and first paragraphs of articles from almost 60 of the world’s leading cannabis focused media into one simple, and convenient place. The cannabis search engine  includes headlines of articles from major mass media and well-known industry niche media, together with regulatory bodies.

At the end of 2017, the DB included references to 42,000 articles and growing quickly. Indeed by the early 2020 it has grown to over 70k articles.

The cannabis research site provides members with access to an incredible, searchable, resource of focused and relevant niche media headlines. It will be of interest to anyone with a passing interest in the cannabis industry through to established stakeholders, regulators, politicians and even opponents to the industry.

The search engine was custom built out of necessity as a way to organize media for a PhD thesis, which examined thousands of media articles from 2014 to the present. The niche media search engine is certainly a milestone project.

The DB organizes and catalogues the headlines and first section of articles and links back to the original publication. Filter searches by date, outlet, keywords or broad categories.

Project Reflections

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