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 Kaizen Digital has an experienced team of web and app developers based in Indonesia. As such we offer outstanding value in addition to exceptional quality on all projects. All projects are managed face-to-face with clients in Australia


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Project Decentralised Intelligence (PDI)

Feasibility study:

Abstract: This is a scoping study on the feasibility of developing block chain technology to address the failed system of publishing academic journals. The current system for publishing scientific knowledge is irrevocably broken. Main issues include: (i) non payment to the academics who provide research and results of scientific studies; (ii) review system open to manipulation; (iii) a handful of companies monopolising the bulk of scientific journals; (iv) these companies then publish at extortionate prices, thereby limiting access to majority of the population.

The study aims to establish costs associated with developing a decentralised process based on block chain technology. It aims, ultimately, to decentralise knowledge, creating free access to research,  fair payment to academics and reviewers, and a system that is fully accountable to the community. The proposed new currency (‘Knowledge coin’ or similar)  would be based on the EOS framework using Amazon or Dragon Chain intrastructure. An ICO would be offered for an initial funding round


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